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SALIF GSM offer 1 months of testing warranty on all (otherwise mentioned) Unlocking & Flashing boxes from the purchase month (month of dispatch).

Month & Year of purchase are marked on the warranty seal. Ex. If you buy a product on 25th Feb 2017 & marked date on warranty seal is date: month: 02 & Year 17, this means you will get warranty for the month of February to April 2017.

The purchased box might contain more than 1 warranty seal. In this case each and every warranty seal must be intact, should not be broken or tampered with. If any of the seal is found broken or tampered with, then the product will no longer be covered under warranty and will not be considered for replacement if any required.

All defective items being returned must be packed and should be in the condition they were shipped. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty. We are not responsible for goods that are damaged during shipment or misused/abused by the customer/carrier.

If ANY warranty seal is broken or has been tampered with, the product will no longer be covered under any warranty, and we will no longer be liable for the repair or replacement of your product.

SALIF GSM do not provide any warranty for any cables. The same term also included the cables that come along with new box devices.

Card Reader Dongles does not have any warranty. Even if sold without card or with card.

Before you buy any items, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with your requirements and your system by visiting the manufacturer’s web site. We will not take any responsibility and will not accept returns for items purchased that are not compatible with your requirements or your system configuration.

Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs on all products returned to us for exchange or warranty repairs. Please allow up to “7” business working days for our technician team to check out your returned items and adhere with us to fulfill all the process that is required.

All orders accepted will take at-least 48-72 Working Hours to get shipped.

Disclaimer: Please note the product color may differ from the colors shown in the photo.

Our company is not responsible or liable for damaged or lost packages or those shipped back to us in the event that the designated courier service failed to deliver your package(s) to the given destination address after several attempts (due to your absence).

We will inform customer(s) about the order status by SMS

Most Important / Refund Policy/ Cancellation Terms

  • SALIF GSM is not responsible or liable at all for all the sold goods after expiry of warranty period.
  • SALIF GSM is not responsible if the product is blocked by supplier or stops working due to any reason after warranty period.
  • SALIF GSM is not responsible if the product is discontinued or updates / activations are stopped from the manufacturer even in warranty period.
  • SALIF GSM is not responsible for any shipment delays due to national holidays or any natural circumstances.
    Warranty does not cover any damages or losses caused by postal or shipping services (Courier Company).
  • We recommend you carefully to check the package contents according to packing list in front of postal service or shipping company representative.

If payment is made using payment gateway and cancellation is requested for the same order request then please note a charge of 10% will be deducted on the total amount of order placed and the balance 90% will be refuned back to you within 7 – 10 working days via NEFT/ RTGS. Also note this can be only done before the order is shipped if once order has been shipped no cancellation of order or payment refund will be accepted.

If the payment is already made thorugh Bank Deposit then we cant accept return/cancellation , else if you request cancellation/return of order before Bank Deposit then we can accept your request. Also note you won’t be charged any amount as because this cancellation can be only done before the payment is made through bank deposit.
For any cancellation you need to send us a email or call us mentioning the order request number, kindly note cancellation can only be done before the order is shipped.

After the order is shipped then we will not accept any cancellation request or return of the ordered items.


Q. What payment gateway you support ?

A. Currently we support major online payment gateways.

B.You can also deposit order amount in our company current account.


IMEI Changing, Editing or Repairing is illegal!!

We do not provide any IMEI Changing, Editing or repairing devices.

Any product sold on this website does not repair, change or edit Imei of any handset.

Any product sold on this website is not capable of changing or editing or repairing imei of any handset.

We are not responsible if you use any product from our website with any third party software for any illegal operation.

Our products are just interfaces between mobile phones and computers. We do not sell any software.

If you have any IMEI related issue of any handset, then please contact authorized service centers.

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